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20 Propositions

20 Propositions is a series of exhibitions, performances and screenings taking place over the summer in the Salzburger Kunstverein. Each project phase has its own opening event. The Sunset Kino, Austria’s only outdoor avant-garde cinema, includes seven screenings of contemporary video and film.

Curated by Séamus Kealy, 20 Propositions is produced in homage to the exhibition “40 Days 20 Exhibitions,” held 20 years ago in the Salzburger Kunstverein, and curated by the director then, Hildegund Amanshauser. This new version takes a different format but arises out a spirit of flux and engagement as the earlier exhibition had.


Image: Ulrike Königshofer, Same Time. Different Time, 2017
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Ulrike Königshofer, Same Time. Different Time, 2017

Ring Gallery

Nikola Röthemeyer & Annika Sailer. Schwarmfänger

Working over the year, in several stages, Nikola Röthemeyer and Annika Sailer, who are sisters, will transform the Ringgalerie into several narrative spaces. So-called “contact zones” emerge in this exhibition, where the public encounters mural-like representations and architectural forms which evoke flora, fauna and other elements as both playful abstraction and figurative ambivalence.