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Events 1998

Series of exhibitions

40 Days 20 Exhibitions

Participating Artists: Gustav Bauer,
Büro Joseph Böhm. Ernas., Bernhard Gwiggner, Peter Haas, Irene Kar, Ulrike Lienbacher,
Regina Öschlberger, Andrew Phelps, M.E. Prigge, Samet Reisinger, Bernhard Rothschädl und
Sina Moser, Josef Schwaiger, Wolfgang Seierl,
Ilse Sprohar, Johannes Steidl,
Ulrike Stubenböck, Video Sisters, Konrad Winter, Johannes Ziegler.

The project 40 days 20 Exhibitions was a succession of twenty one-day exhibitions within forty days. The idea was a performance festival using all the resources of the fine arts, this concept being extended to include not only painting, sculpture and room installation, but also performance and design.

All the participating artists lived and/or worked in or near Salzburg, and each elaborated a contribution especially to suit the event. The exhibition was accompanied by a publication with 20 leaflets in a slipcase.