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Events 1998


Eleanor Bond
Fear and Longing and Some Cities

The pictures
Salzburg Bahnhofsvorplatz, Frontier, Neural Centre and Friendly Public Sphere (1998)
An endless City: Cosy Living for a Large Population (1997-98)
Elevated Living in a Community-Built Neighbourhood (1998)
Shared Space in the Underground City (1997).

This exhibition presented four large-scale city-scapes, including one of Salzburg which Eleanor Bond painted on location as Artist in Residence, in August and September. The view of Salzburg shows the main station building and its surroundings. All the pictures belonged to the series of Some Cities, which concentrated on densely-packed housing, mutable places unlinked with local history and tradition, places that manifest the ideas of modernistic urban development, which looks similar in many cities and show similar social structures.