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Events 2007


No Sound of Silence

Opening: July 18, 2007, 8 p.m.

”All clear?“ Discussion with the artists Moderation: Fouad Asfour, July 19, 2007, 8 pm

”Bilderverbot, Bilderverehrung und symbolische Geschlechterordnung” Lecture of Christina von Braun (Humboldt University, Berlin), July 25, 2007, 8 pm

”Demonstration“ Film- and video program Curated by Emanuel Danesch, August 3 and August 10, 2007, 8 pm

One of the central issues for an art exhibition in a globalised world is that of conveying specific knowledge, of presenting pictures that arise from local circumstances but go beyond them…
Symposium motto for documenta 12, November 2005 in Beirut

When you set off on a journey, it is the perfect time to examine your own preconceptions about the country you are visiting. All aspects, familiar and alien, can be experienced in a cocktail which often tastes surprising and new and is far beyond the acceptance of firmly conformed identity. In his text ”Praise Intermingling“ Jean Luc Nancy eulogizes this intermingling of singularities and dispels the idea of a collision of fixed identities.

In April 2006, five artists spent two weeks in Cairo (Artist in Residence Workshop/Townhouse Gallery), an initiative organised by Amer Abbas. Impressions and results of this stay were reflected in the works which the artists were to present in the Cabinet of the Salzburg Kunstverein in the summer of 2007. A collection of short stories (petits récits/Jean-Francois Lyotards), brought along by the artists, methodically and consciously located besides the “big” stories of ideologies and religions. Nevertheless, they provide a significant contribution to a de-territorialisation and are preliminary work towards the abolishment of the logocentrism of identity. (The exhibition “Sound of Silence” was shown in the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo in a larger format, in September 2007).

Artists:Josef Dabernig, Hermann P. Huber, Susi Jirkuff, Constantin Luser, Katrin Plavcak Curators: Amer Abbas und Hemma Schmutz, with support of Townhouse Gallery, Cairo

Josef Dabernig, Sports field 3 in Cairo (seven-piece), 2006, Detail

Josef Dabernig, Sports field 3 in Cairo (seven-piece), 2006, Detail