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Events 2008

Exhibition at Café Cult #36

Eva Musil

Opening: September 24, 2008, 7 p.m.

“Wallpaper” is the second work in a series entitled “12m²”, which deals with multiplication and patterns. The initial motif of each of these works is a photo/still of a single prefabricated slab measuring 4 x 3 m.

“Wallpaper” is a progression of playing with frame/motif/duplication of an object or image.
“Wallpaper” itself is already an object, it is a patterned usable object made of paper. Patterns generally follow the principle: motif times x = pattern (a flower times x = flowered wallpaper), therefore there is no increase in meaning through multiplication. The pattern of
“Wallpaper” has the peculiarity that the motif shows the frame of an object, which, through repetition, is always composed of the same elements. If an element is applied in a pattern, an image results, the pattern is no longer a pattern, but rather the portrait of a high-rise. The main aspect of the work is that its essence is therefore not manifested, but rather oscillates between object and image.

The first work was created within the scope of the media art exhibition, „fragmented/reassembled” in the winter of 2007, which took place in the television department of an electronics chain store on Landstrasse in Linz. All of the screens displayed in the retail space were available as presentation space. One work at a time was shown on all screens simultaneously. This setting brought with it an automatic duplication of the displayed video images. In order to use this multiplication in content, Eva Musil used stills of individual „slabs,” which then made up a „structure” again in the exhibition, and thus returned to their original point.

Eva Musil studied set design and costume design from 1994 to 2002 at the University Mozarteum Salzburg. She has been freelancing at the Salzburg Festival since 2002. Eva Musil curated the exhibition “Konstruktive 07” and was the set designer for performances like “Death in the count of 9” by H. Lepka or “waveforms” by senselabor. In 2008 she and Margit Berger won the competition for redesigning the Architektur/Initiative Architektur space, which was implemented in May 2008.

Wallpaper, 2008, printed fleece wallpaper, 320 x 46,5 cm

Wallpaper, 2008, printed fleece wallpaper, 320 x 46,5 cm
Photo: Eva Musil