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Events 2009

Exhibition in the Great Hall

No Sound of Music

Opnening: September 23, 2009, 7 p.m.
with performance by Julius Deutschbauer

Marias Edelweiss. Maria Augusta von Trapp - reality and truth
Lecture with Ulrike Kammerhofer-Aggermann, director of the Salzburg Institut of folklore Wednesday, September 30, 2009, 7 p.m.

No other product of popular culture has had a greater impact on the perception of the city and state of Salzburg than the musical and film “The Sound of Music.” Unknown to many Austrians and Salzburg locals, it has been forming the “foreign image” of Salzburg for decades, whereas the “self-image” is constantly being shifted toward the projections by the tourism industry.

With this backdrop artists were invited to explore foreign images manufactured by the products of popular culture and to illuminate the fields of tourism, National Socialism, folk culture, and gender in this context.

The exhibition brought together existing works that use “The Sound of Music” as a foundation on one hand, and on the other hand artists were invited to produce new artistic projects.

Artists: Alpine Gothic (AT), Olaf Breuning (CH), Ellen Cantor (US), Julius Deutschbauer (AT),
Ines Doujak (AT), Karin Fisslthaler (AT),
G_19.22*, Peter Hauenschild / Georg Ritter (AT), Pia Lanzinger / Michael Hauffen (DE),
Paul McCarthy (US), Didi Neidhart (AT),
Hans Pollhammer (AT), Sascha Reichstein (CH), Bruce Yonemoto (US)

Curator: Hemma Schmutz
Project assistant: Susanne Staelin
Exhibition architecture:

* Olya Bell, Andreea Constantin,
Cornelia Danninger, Johanna Diehl, Ines Doujak,
Iris Fraueneder, Petra Göbel, Katharina Gruzei, Marie-Therese Jakoubek, Rosa John,
Sophie Kirchner, Susi Krautgartner, Anna Krieps, Hildegard Maier, Marie Maier, Laura Mihai,
Georg Oberweger, Christoph Überhuber,
Julia Vinogradova, Monika Wimmer,
Christian Wind, Antoinette Zwirchmayr

Hauenschild/Ritter, Traunstein I, 2008, pastell on paper, 220 x 220 cm

Hauenschild/Ritter, Traunstein I, 2008, pastell on paper, 220 x 220 cm
Photo: Hauenschild/Ritter

Hauenschild/Ritter, Traunstein I, 2008, pastell on paper, 220 x 220 cm