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Events 2011

Exhibition at CaféCult #48

Martina Stock

As part of the exhibition series in CaféCult #48, Martina Stock showed the first artistic results of the project Iceland / Ain’t Visited, which were created before her journey to Iceland. Additional pieces created following an artist in residence program in Reykjavik in February 2011 and be contrasted with these later on. Imagination and reality should complement each other.

Iceland is the largest volcanic island in the world. The contrast between fire, water, and ice that is present in Iceland’s volcanic mountains is the foundation of Martina Stock’s works. “My pieces are an experiment between form, structure, and color. My abstract landscapes deal with the connections between fire, water, and ice.”

Landscape is presented to the viewer as a combination of different kinds of silhouettes. However, from a bird’s eye perspective the landscape reveals itself to the viewer in a completely different way. It blurs in colorful surfaces that merge with one another in partly rugged and partly soft and flowing textures, so that both clear and hardly recognizable boundaries become apparent. It is then left up to the viewer to categorize the landscape as land, water, and underwater land depending on the color and structure of the individual surfaces and to assign properties to each manifestation.

In the project, Iceland / Ain’t visited, Martina Stock focused on the experimental spatial practices in visual arts and their relationship to human and natural sciences. Her work depicts spatial experimental techniques for the study and portrayal of imagination and reality.

Martina Stock, born in 1981 in Schwarzach/St. Veit, lives and works in Salzburg. From 2002-2004 Martina Stock studied textile design and from 2004-2009 graphic design under Prof. Herbert Stejskal and Prof. Beate Terfloth at Mozarteum University of Salzburg. In 2008 she won the award “Grafik des Monats” from Ö1 radio station, and in 2009 she won an award at Podium 09 with the artist group, 0813. She has recently shown her work in the solo exhibitions Viva la diva at the gallery Das Zimmer in Salzburg in 2009, and in Zerrissen/Zussammen at Museumspavillon, Stadtgalerie Salzburg in 2010.

Exhibition view CaféCult 2011, © Salzburger Kunstverein

Exhibition view CaféCult 2011, © Salzburger Kunstverein
Photo: Andrew Phelps