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Events 2011

Exhibition in the Cabinet

ORTung 2010
Poaching Tactics

The “Poaching Tactics” exhibitions was presenting the results of the “ORTung 2010” artist symposium organized in Strobl every year by the state of Salzburg.

“Poaching Tactics,” the 2010 year’s theme, should not have been interpreted solely as a reference to the romanticizing and heroizing of the poacher as a folk hero in rural areas of the 18th and 19th century. Rather, the theme pursued the issue of contemporary art practices that deal with everyday life and the forms of action that can be developed within it. If one accepts the assumption that life is determined by regulated processes, the individual scope of action seems to be increasingly shrinking. Over the past few years the crisis has made it dramatically clear what can happen when systems of order and the norms that stabilize them are tossed out of the centrifuges of their circles.

On the occasion of the exhibition a catalogue was published.

Artists: Erik Hable, Irina Korina,
Marianne Lang, Joanna Rajkowska,
Friedrich Rücker, Sofie Thorsen, Ina Weber

Jury:Maren Richter, Hemma Schmutz,
Astrid Wege

Friedrich Rücker, Artifact 05, 2010, Strobl.

Friedrich Rücker, Artifact 05, 2010, Strobl.
Photo: Friedrich Rücker

Friedrich Rücker, Artifact 05, 2010, Strobl.