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Events 2011

Exhibition in the Great Hall

Sense and Sensibility

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The group show Sense and Sensibility was dedicated to the connection between literature and visual arts. However, the focus of the exhibit was less on the relationship between text and image, rather on inspirations and junctions between the work of visual artists and writers, in which the subject of being doubly gifted was also dealt with.

The relationships between visual arts and literature are diverse. Historically, the references are clear when we consider Dadaism, the écriture automatique of Surrealism, the visual poetry of the 1960s, and conceptual art. But what does the contemporary approach of visual artists to literature look like? The exhibition explored the question of the degree to which visual artists are still influenced by literary texts, what they read, and how this is incorporated in their artwork. A special emphasis of the show was on post colonialism, addressing travel, conquests, liberation from foreign rule, and the coexistence of different cultures in the artistic pieces.

Anita di Bianco, Mary Ellen Carroll,
Clegg & Guttmann, Julius Deutschbauer,
Ines Doujak, Brendan Fernandes,
Michael Höpfner, Lucas Horvath,
Jakob Lena Knebl, Eva Kotátková,
Christine Meisner, Anna Meyer, Stephanie Mold,
Katrin Plavcak

Curator: Hemma Schmutz
Project Assistent: Susanne Staelin

Eva Kotátková, House Arrest No.1, 2009, photography.

Eva Kotátková, House Arrest No.1, 2009, photography.
Photo: Foto: Jiri Thyn, courtesy Meyer Riegger, Berlin und Karlsruhe, hunt kastner art works, Prag

Eva Kotátková, House Arrest No.1, 2009, photography.