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Events 2011

Exhibition in the Cabinet

Anna Witt
The Eyewitness

Anna Witt showed The Eyewitness, in the Cabinet, her latest work from fall 2011.

What do we see in the images that show us the world every day? This was the opening question of Witt’s video installation in which a group of children can be seen confronting media images of current political events. Detached from the actual content, the images allow space for perceptions and interpretations from a child’s perspective and thereby introduce new ways of reading.

Children between the ages of seven and ten years old were confronted with a selection of images from different categories (politics, business, world events) from Reuters news agency. In the video you hear the children’s associations in which they mix fragments of knowledge, their own experiences, and playful fiction.

On the picture plane, The Eyewitness remaines fragmentary. Primarily details from the images are scanned in slow camera work, and the children mostly remaines in the background. The actual function of the images, to “objectively” convey information, remains unaccomplished in the video.

The project was created with Marco Ceroli and was completed with support from the Museum Goch in Germany.

Anna Witt, born 1981 in Wasserburg am Inn, Germany, lives and works in Vienna. www.annawitt.net

Photo: Reuters, 2011