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Events 2011

1 Picture in CaféCult

Reinhold Bidner

As part of the exhibition series in CaféCult #51, Reinhold Bidner showed a series of works created for CaféCult, which deals with eating habits and the sensuality of food.

Reinhold Bidner works with diverse art forms, media art on one hand and portrait photography combined with an eye for the commonplace on the other. In his work he often thinks in levels and layers, while connecting analog and digital. Elements that have little to do with each other at first glance are superimposed upon one another and correlated.

For the pieces in CaféCult, Reinhold Bidner attempted to connect the categories, interests, and techniques noted above. As part of his video projects, he experimented several times with abstract projections and digital collages on faces and bodies. In the pieces shown in CaféCult Bidner dealt with colors and structures as well as the sensuality of food. He researched the protagonists’ eating habits (favorite foods/vices, etc.) and combined them with their faces.

Reinhold Bidner was born in Salzburg in 1975; he lives and works in Vienna and Salzburg. He studied at the University of Applied Sciences and Technology in Salzburg (Multi Media Art), at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland (Animation and Electronic Media), and completed his thesis with distinction as part of a Socrates Stipend at K.O.P.P. Film in Berlin. In 2001 he went to Linz to the Ars Electronica Futurelab, where he became the Key Researcher for Time Based Media in 2005. Since 2006 he has been freelancing in the fields of video, photography, music, and media art. Reinhold Bidner is a member of the collectives 1n0ut and goldextra.

Seacherrychocolatefruitjuicefisharcimboldo, 2011

Seacherrychocolatefruitjuicefisharcimboldo, 2011
Photo: Reihold Bidner