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Events 2011

Exhibition at Café Cult #52


As part of the exhibition series at CaféCult #52 ohnetitel was invited to present a new work. Their installation was showing five cuckoo clocks displaying different times all around the world.

... the world carries out the great, global self-repossession and sticks the cuckoo to everything mobile or immobile. what does the clock say? it cries “crisis” on the hour. and afterward the hands are set back to five to twelve, the same procedure every day. the mantra of experts. the great crash of numbers on the stock markets: drawing by numbers. the curves of inflation: drawing by numbers. the speculations: drawing by numbers. the rescue plans: the great payments by numbers. what becomes evident: the great wait for a sign from the numbers. when the two with the three, the eight with the nine, and all the rest of the series are connected, at last the final image appears: the world, globalized into a lump. back to the beginning. the continents grow together into one plate. the old maps are current again around a world that is shrinking. oh, just let the cuckoo take it! hourly!

(Explanatory note: In the German speaking world, Kuckuck (cuckoo) is slang for the bailiff’s seal, which is fixed to objects that are repossessed.)

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