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Events 2018


Lucy Skaer. La Chasse

Opening: Fr, 16 February 2018, 7 pm

British artist Lucy Skaer (1975, Cambridge) draws on pre-existing imagery, narrative and forms that bear relationships to mass production and global trade, making combinations within sculpture, film and print. This exhibition consists of new sculptural work, where Skaer scrutinizes conventional classifications of objects as well as production methods in a critical play with historical motifs. She draws also from her own oeuvre, reworking existing sculptures in to representations of animals, referencing a medieval book of miniature illuminations depicting hunting techniques called the Livre de la chasse. Skaer explores the mutability of meaning in representation and form while playfully producing visual languages of desire and empathy. In transforming her own works in to animal forms dramatized in the hunt, she questions potential for art’s continual, replication and the way in which material can be read.

Produced in collaboration with KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin.

Lucy Skaer, La Chasse, 2017, Kupfer

Lucy Skaer, La Chasse, 2017, Kupfer
Photo: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein

Lucy Skaer, La Chasse, 2017, Kupfer