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Events 2004

Exhibition | Cabinet

Brigitte Häufler:
Within the series “Televisual Life”

Opening: February 4, 7:30 p.m.

The structure of the project “Televisual Life. Art and entertainment programmes” made room for a wide range of different formats and forms of participation – longer and shorter, planned and spontaneous (within a given framework) programme segments – and thus is comparable to a kind of continuous “zapping”. In addition to international contributions, the project involved primarily local co-operative activities with artists, producer platforms, private TV fans and freaks as well as (educational) institutions, which will appreciably enhance the dynamics of the whole: Five four-week exhibitions devoted to young Austrian artists who work in the media of drawing, photography, painting and woodcut and deal with aspects of television production, distribution and viewer response. A project entitled ”pink box“ that took an ironic look at studio technology with reference to retro and fake technology . Activities in co-operation with the Institut für Publizistik (University Institue for Media Communication) in Salzburg and the Kunstuniversität (University of Applied Arts) in Linz . Workshops for school classes, initiated by our ARTgenossen art education group. Installation of a satellite dish for the reception of exotic television worlds on days on which no programmes are scheduled . Screenings of artists’ videos.

Brigitte Häufler: from the series “Notizen”, since 1998, Photograph

Brigitte Häufler: from the series “Notizen”, since 1998, Photograph