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Events 2004

Exhibition | Main Hall

Destiny Deacon / Lisl Ponger

Lisl Ponger addresses the post-colonial questions of ethnological research and the way it is responded to in western visual arts. With the main title of “If I was …” she deals with the question of how the observer and the artist from the west approach “exotic” surroundings and how the discovery of images/art can be derived from and read in this context. At the same time, Ponger takes an ironic view of her own position as a white, western artist. Ponger is exhibiting with Destiny Deacon, an Australian artist who is of aboriginal descent. Deacon works with similar issues, however, from a converse position. The works of both artists were also exhibited at the last Documenta in Kassel.

Support: Australia Council for the Arts

View of the exhibition (Destiny Deacon)

View of the exhibition (Destiny Deacon)
Photo: Andrew Phelps

View of the exhibition (Destiny Deacon)