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Events 2004

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Free TV: TV² – Film and video works on the topic “television”
Within the series “Televisual Life”

The structure of the project “Televisual Life. Art and entertainment programmes” makes room for a wide range of different formats and forms of participation – longer and shorter, planned and spontaneous (within a given framework) programme segments – and thus is comparable to a kind of continuous “zapping”. In addition to international contributions, the project involves primarily local co-operative activities with artists, producer platforms, private TV fans and freaks as well as (educational) institutions, which will appreciably enhance the dynamics of the whole

Free TV - Screenings of artist‘s videos Programm May 4 - 18, 2004

Judith Pichlmüller (*1978, lives in Vienna/A) Der Kuss, 2.50 min, 2004

Sangam Sharma (*1978, lives in Vienna/A) Flickerticker, 3.17 min, 2004 Drei

Niklas Goldbach (*1973, lives in Berlin/G) Ceasefire, 4.20 min, 2003, Mit: Shane Fankhauser

Veronika Schubert (*1981, lives in Linz/A) Wartime Conditions, 4.40 min, 2003

Veronika Schubert (*1981, lives in Linz/A) Stricken mit Vroni, 4.30 min, 2004

Beate Geissler / Oliver Sann (*1970 and 1968, live in Cologne/G) Aint no fun, 1.10 min, 2003

Lena Lapschina (*1965, lives in Langenlois/A) Watch Less TV 00.58 min, Message, 00.40 min (aus der Serie ”Message to the World”), The Concert (remixed), 1 min

Friedrich Rücker (*1968, lives in Salzburg/A) Zapp 01-03, 5 min, 1997

Holger Lang (lives in Vienna/A) 86400 images of lunch time boston ma. march 15th 1993, 58 min, 1993

Barbara Musil (*1972, lives in Linz/A) LEGEDIA – Found Footage Collage, 6 min, 2000

Claudia Dermutz (*1976, lives in Vienna/A) Blicke, 12 min, 2003

Marianne Lang (*1979, lives in Salzburg/A) living room, 11.25 min, 2004

Susanne Schuda (*1970, lives in Vienna/A) Selbstinszenierung, 4.08 min, 2001

Roland Seidel / Ulu Braun (*1974 and 1976, live in Vienna/A) Das Maß ist voll, 10 min, 1998

Franz Christoph Amannn (*1978, lives in Vienna/A) Room, 4.45 min, 2002

Veronika Schubert (*1981, lives in Linz/A) o.T., 3.55 min, 2002

Maria Vedder (lives in Cologne and Berlin/G) PAL oder never the same color, 5 min, 1988

Sebastian Brameshuber (lives in Vienna) zapp films, 7 min

Moni K. Huber / Franz Seifert (live in Vienna) Das EIROS Sondierungsprotokoll. EIROS – European Identity Research on the Other Side, 60 min, 2003