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Events 2008


Eulogy for the Mêlée

Opening: 24 September 2008,7 p.m.

In the year of intercultural dialogue the art education team ARTgenossen, located in the Künstlerhaus, developed the participatory project „Eulogy for the Mêlée”, which dealt with questions around migration and integration. Children, students, teachers, artists, and art educators participated in the multi-part project. The exchange of „cultural goods” and the profit, which both immigrants and locals gain from an exchange and dialogue, was explored with visual and hands-on means. The results of the previous project sections „Eulogy for the Mêlée” and „KinderSommerAkademie – Begegnungen” (Children’s Summer Academy – Encounters) are presented in the Cabinet. Visitors were simultaneously invited to add to the exhibited pieces in a „work in progress”. The Viennese artist, Songül Höll-Boyraz, was also presenting her contribution to „Eulogy for the Mêlée”. An additional educational program was provided for the exhibition. In the spring, 90 school children used artistic and hands-on means to explore questions like „Are there immigrated words?” or „What is my favorite food and where does it come from?”. During the “KinderSommerAkademie – Begegnungen” (Children’s Summer Academy – Encounters) in August 2008 children from Salzburg and Waging probed questions like „How can I make the foreign my own, what is foreign, and how do I create encounters?” Work was done with clay and drawing pencils, filming, and crafts. Needless to say, the children from the two towns also met each other and experienced the „encounter” on a real level. ARTgenossen has been working since 2001 as an independent art education group in Salzburg with a studio in the Salzburg Künstlerhaus. Art and culture should be experienced as something that is not only financed and intended for „the others”, but rather something where everyone can contribute and discover his or her skills and ideas. The ARTgenossen team is made up of Cornelia Meran, Doris Oberholzer, Petra Schagbauer and
Dagmar Sonnleitner-Soyka