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Events 2011

Exhibition in the Great Hall

The Nascent Knowledge
Annual exhibtion 2011

The annual exhibtion 2011 of the members of the Salzburger Kunstverein was curated by the Viennese curator Christian Kobald.

In selecting works for the exhibition, I tended to focus on the diversity of the submissions – an inevitable feature of any annual exhibition – while at the same time distilling their heterogeneity into a single common denominator: the everyday. Thus, the exhibit revolves around the anecdotal, the contract, the inconspicuous, and around aesthetic forms that invoke an entire world, like a set table, a print, two sound performances, an object, embroidery, three still lifes, a cart, two rods, a bottle, two photographs, and a shirt. Christian Kobald

Artists: Steffi Alte / Eva Seiler, Peter Haas, Renate Hausenblas, Gisela Katzengruber,
Barbara Keller, Maria Morschitzky, Noële Ody,
Christian Ruchnewitz, Dorota Walentynowicz, Christian Wallner, Wolfgang Wolleschak,
Siegfried Zaworka

Curator: Christian Kobald , born 1969, is editor of spike art quarterly and runs the exhibition space COCO in Vienna together with Severin Dünser. He studied philosophy (University of Vienna) and art history, cultural history and history of ideas (University of Applied Arts Vienna).

Image from the Invitation Card

Image from the Invitation Card

Image from the Invitation Card