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Events 2018


20 Propositions

Opening: Fri, 20 July 2018, 8pm


20 Propositions is a series of exhibitions, performances and screenings taking place over the summer in the Salzburger Kunstverein. Each project phase has its own opening event. The Sunset Kino, Austria’s only outdoor avant-garde cinema, includes seven screenings of contemporary video and film.

Curated by Séamus Kealy, 20 Propositions is produced in homage to the exhibition “40 Days 20 Exhibitions,” held 20 years ago in the Salzburger Kunstverein, and curated by the director then, Hildegund Amanshauser. This new version takes a different format but arises out a spirit of flux and engagement as the earlier exhibition had. 20 Propositions is also in collaboration with the Salzburg International Summer Academy, which Hildegund Amanshauser currently directs. 20 Propositions includes solo exhibitions, screenings and performances by local, national and international artists, including four Summer Academy Artists, and guest-curated screenings.

The Central Proposition
In order to survive, and to adjust to the speed of change and political shifts around us, we must propose and form new models of thinking, living and believing. 20 Propositions, as several parts to one whole, is considered as an unfinished series of experiments, speculations and encounters strung together. Notions of the temporary and the ephemeral are prioritised in this collaborative project. At its root 20 Propositions questions notions of producing, staging and mounting exhibitions. What binds everything together is a sense of incompletion, where processes of production are deliberately paused or thwarted. The project as a whole places emphasis on a promethean model of art production as actively coming into being: Everything comes out of a greater nothingness, and is thus again spirited away.


1. Jakob Kolding (DK/DE)
2. Christiane Peschek (AT)
3. Emeka Okereke (NG)
4. Maria Legat (AT)
5. Nikola Röthemeyer & Annika Sailer (DE)
6. Carl Johan Högberg (SE/NL)
7. Ulrike Königshofer (AT)
8. Iva Lulashi (AL/IT)
9. Mark Van Yetter (US)
10. Mehraneh Atashi (IR/NL)
11. Markus Wilfling (AT)

Screenings/Sunset Kino
12. Oisin Byrne & Gary Farrelly (IE)
13. Manu Luksch (AT), Co-Regisseure: Martin Reinhart (AT), Thomas Tode (DE)
14. Bjørn Melhus (DE)
15. Jan Bonny & Alex Wissel (DE)
16. Michael Snow (CA)
17. Bady Minck (LU/AT)
18. Fabrizio Terranova (BE)

19. Sam Keogh (IE)
20. Ei Arakawa (JP/US) with Christian Naujoks (DE) & Class

Friendly supported by Culture Ireland and Mondriaan Fonds.

Ulrike Königshofer, Same Time. Different Time, 2017

Ulrike Königshofer, Same Time. Different Time, 2017
Photo: Courtesy of the artist