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A Passenger. Annual Exhibition 2018

Every year the Salzburger Kunstverein presents an annual exhibition with artworks by artists who are members of the Kunstverein. In 2018, the Annual Exhibition will be held in the Großer Saal and Museumspavilion, as a partnership with Stadt Salzburg. Artworks in this Annual Exhibition will be available to purchase.

Opening: Fr, 14 December 2018, from 6.30pm

Curator: Andrea Kopranovic

“[Humans] are just an algorithm designed to survive at all costs, sophisticated enough to think they’re calling the shots, to think they’re in control, but they’re really just... – Passengers.”

This is a fragmented dialog between Bernard and Ford in the recently premiered second season of HBO’s television series Westworld. Although imbedded in a futuristic, sci-fi world the idea of passing, of being a passenger, is one, that haunts and fascinates humankind all at once and as of always.

Being a passenger is connected to motion, traveling, taking a stroll, passing through, trespassing, mindlessness, free time, drifting, but also to moving from point A to B. For the first time, the annual exhibition takes place at two spaces, separate from each other by a river. It is an opportunity for the visitors to walk through Salzburg’s old town, of being a passenger themselves. Or, to put it in the infamous words of Iggy Pop: “I am a passenger / And I ride and I ride”. (The Passenger, 1977, original score to Trainspotting, 1996)


At Salzburger Kunstverein:
Maurizio Cirillo, Heribert Friedl, Gabriele Fulterer & Christine Scherrer, Elisabeth Grübl, Renate Hausenblas, Camille Holowka, Rainer Noebauer-Kammerer, Simona Obholzer, Monika Pichler, Sira-Zoé Schmid, Viktoria Schmid

At Museumspavillon (15.12.2018-17.01.2019):
Isabel Belherdis, Karin Fisslthaler, Johannes Gierlinger, Andrea Lüth, Markus Oberndorfer

In public space:
Artgenossen, Peter Fritzenwallner & Wolfgang Obermair, Katharina Kapsamer

Andrea Kopranovic, born in 1991 in Salzburg, is an art historian and architecture theorist. She lives and works in Vienna as the assistant director at the Christine König Galerie. Right now she is also working on her phd thesis at the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics (ATTP) at the Technical University Vienna. Besides she is regularly appointed co-teacher for the class “Writing about Contemporary Art” at the Salzburg International Summeracademy of Fine Arts.


Photo: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein