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Main Hall

Annual exhibition 2013

Opening: We, December 4, 2013, 7 p.m.

Luise Reitstätter was invited as the 2013 curator in the continued series by visiting curators, who are entrusted with selecting the artwork for the annual exhibition of the members of the Salzburger Kunstverein.

Exhibiting as a cultural practice of showing draws our attention to its history, which has led to different formulations of exhibitions over the years. Studiolo, cabinet of curiosities, salon, the mosaic hang, White Cube, Black Box, and Schaulager are just a few terms that describe the “how” of exhibiting – and predetermine the “how” of viewing. Dominant since the 20th century, the White Cube style of art presentation, showing individual objects in surroundings largely shielded from external influences, for example, is connected with primarily silent consuming and, in the best case, sophisticated aesthetic experience. However, institutionally critical and participatory strategies currently being revived and a general orientation towards issues of space put such a convention of presentation and reception up for negotiation. But what other types of exhibiting exist as alternatives today?

The 2013 annual exhibition dealt with the cabinet of curiosities from the late Renaissance. It presented objects of different origin and definition in a common framework that was less determined by a higher genealogy, and more by a productive juxtaposition of artworks, natural products, technical rarities, etc. In its openness, the cabinet of curiosities consciously speaks to multiple senses without privileging sight. By focusing on the strange, curious, and special, it allows viewers to adopt a more associative and communicative approach to the exhibited objects. The works by members of the Kunstverein can also be characterized – naturally and necessarily – by their different origin and definition. This plurality of an art association was seen as a strength and represented in a specific display system. Because the attempt to present many members together, not individuals, reflects what the Salzburger Kunstverein is today.

Artists: Astrid Aigner, Martina Ambach,
Paul Josef Arzt, Herbert Binder, Trudi Bloom,
Rike Friederike Bothe, Monika Brandstätter,
Peter Brauneis, Jutta Brunsteiner, Götz Bury, Elisabeth Czihak, Claudia Defrancesco, Markus Dick, Marcus C. Diess, Gabi Domenig, Christian Ecker, Monika El-Seroui, Herbert Federspiel, Detlef Fellrath, Marion Floriano, Peter Fritzenwallner, Lili Fullerton-Schnell, Eva Gadocha, Eva Ganot, Birgit Ginkel, Balthasar Goeritzer, Isabel Cathérine Gradischnik, Sylvia Gruber, Erich Gruber, Gunda Gruber, Marcus Günther, Bernhard Gwiggner, Margarethe Haberl, Ingrid Halter, Renate Hausenblas, Stefan Heizinger, Anne Karen Hentschel, Gerhard Himmer, Annemarie Hoffmann, Susanne Hofler-Resch, Thomas Hörl, Lucas Horvath / Josef Horvath, Bernhard Hosa, Katrin Huber, Cornelia Hutterer, Simon Iurino, Maria Juen, Elisabeth Junger, Kerstin Kahapka, Gisela Katzengruber, Barbara Keller, Bodo Kirchner, Gertraud Kirnbauer, Stefan Klampfer, Maria Kohlberger, Klara Kohler, Isabella Kohlhuber, Stefan Kreiger, Sigrid Kurz, Kai Kuss, Monika Lederbauer, Alexander Lee, Teresa Leonhard / Hendrik Rungelrath, Andrea Lüth, Martina F. Maier, Gian Piero Manca, Marion Mathei, Corinna Mayer, Billie Meskens, Reinhart Mlineritsch, Petra Moiser, Sina Moser, Michaela Mück, Martina Mühlfellner, Robert Muntean, Monika Nagl-E, Lilo Nein, Reinhard Nestelbacher, Margit Nobis, Andreas Ohrenschall, Stefan Osterider, Amy Östlund, Christiane Peschek, Monika Pichler, Mario Pichler, Felix Pöchhacker, Markus Proschek / Bernadette Anzengruber, Barbara Reisinger, Simon Reitstätter, Wolfgang Richter, Astrid Rieder, Julia Rohn, Claudia Rohrauer, Joyce Rohrmoser / Sina Moser, Gabriela Rosenkranz-Schweighart, Gabriele Salzmann, Michael Scheirl, Hans Schmidt, Petra Schmitt, Ingrid Schreyer, Veronika Schubert, Schülerkebap (Franz Bergmüller / Siegfried Zaworka), Eva Seiler / Steffi Alte, Annelies Senfter, Isabella Siller, Bernhard Skok, Blazenka Sommer, Gustav A. Starzmann, Maria Stauder, Andreas C. Steindl, Martina Stock, Veronika Strobl, Klaus Taschler, Larissa Tomassetti, Elke Tscharnuter, Gerold Tusch, Kay Walkowiak, Isabella Wertschnig, Bernhard Wieser, Daniel Wimmer, Wolfgang Wirth, Elisabeth Wörndl, Gloria Zoitl, Antoinette Zwirchmay

Curator: Luise Reitstätter
Exhibition design: Lena Kalt

In cooperation with WABE Salzburg.

Luise Reitstätter is a cultural scientist and focuses on the intersection between theory and practice of contemporary visual art, dance/performance, and architecture/urbanism. Recently she obtained her doctorate in sociology and cultural science with an empirical study on exhibitions as potential fields of action.

Photo: Andrew Phelps, © Salzburger Kunstverein