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Ursula Mayer

Opening: Fr, 13 October 2017, 8 pm

Ursula Mayer works across film, sculpture, photography and installation to create “kaleidoscopic” spaces where references intersect and boundaries dissolve. Her films fuse formal experimentation with myth, biopolitics and the semiotics of cinema to visualize and ruminate upon future, post-human ontology. In 2014 Mayer won the prestigious “Derek Jarman Award for Radical Film-Making.”

Set in Trinidad and Tobago, ATOM SPIRIT is a large-scale film installation which acts as a nexus where race, gender, postcolonialism and technology intersect. Traversing simulated and virtual platforms, alongside scientific, ecological and social spaces, the film creates completely mixed, interpenetrating realities where interrogations of the postcolonialism, ecology and queerness can take place. Thus ATOM SPIRIT builds a palimpsest of trajectories, not just through making alliances between different organic and cybernetic entities, but also through tracing the legacies of colonialism and capital into our current moment of neoliberal dominance.

The exhibition comments upon and explores the politicized ecologies of our times, in order to excavate the possibilities and perils regarding our shared techno-natural future. The exhibition’s immersive space, combined with the film’s speculative narrative, emphasises the necessity of reconceptualising and radically reforming our relationships with the environment, non-human entities and each other. The film asserts a politics that both takes apart patriarchal taxonomies and builds up queer ecologies in their stead.

Ursula Mayer, lives and works in London and Vienna.

Ursula Mayer, ATOM SPIRIT, 2016/17, 16 mm on HD, 20 min

Ursula Mayer, ATOM SPIRIT, 2016/17, 16 mm on HD, 20 min
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Ursula Mayer, ATOM SPIRIT, 2016/17, 16 mm on HD, 20 min