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Camille Holowka. I’m Gonna Move Right In

Opening: Fri, 7 May 2021, 6pm

The exhibition’s title “I’m gonna move right in” refers to a passing through space, to an imminent change and sounds like an intention or a plan. For the “Kabinett” Camille Holowka created an exhibition that functions as a “landscape” and reflects upon the notion of the threshold: a space of uncertainty that is outside and inside at the same time and where in this show, the only perspective lies in twilight. The realised works are inspired by rural motifs that, through their existence and function, create and separate spaces.

“My interest in transformed landscapes, architecture and crafts reveals a deeper interest in humans as an interactive and creative entity. Built spaces or man-influenced environments are for me not speechless witnesses of another time. They act as a social mirror. They can transcribe cultural and political tensions of past epochs and also enable us to understand our times. I’m interested in metaphysical layers of present in structures.”

Camille Holowka (*1990, Geneve) currently lives and works in France.


Photo: © Camille Holowka